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1about-meedit1I was born in Weymouth, MA in 1991. Moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, I have grown up in one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the world.

Being raised in the arts, I always pursued a number of creative ventures, those being my constant interests. I have been acting, live action and voice, as well as writing fiction and for screen, since the age of 13, and it has been an incredible adventure.

I love people, and I love to help. I want to see the world become a better and happier place, and I want to have a big hand in that.

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1actoreditOne of my first passions was acting. I was eager, throughout my childhood, to participate in every school play, function, and musical that I possibly could, and took every acting class available.

Eventually I decided to pursue it professionally with encouragement from my parents (my father, Bob Caso, also being an actor). Soon I was auditioning, shortly thereafter booking a lead role in the independent film “Humble Pie”.

This was my first taste of the professional acting field, and I learned many lessons that have shaped who I am as an actor and a person to this day.

Not too long after Humble Pie I auditioned for and booked the role of “Bladezz” on the hit series “The Guild” with co-stars Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeffery Lewis, Robin Thorsen, and Amy Okuda.

This is the role I’ve become best known for, and has provided me with innumerable opportunities. The extremely supportive, and incredibly large, base of fans that has developed around The Guild is made up of incredible people, and we would not be here without them. They’ve made us all feel that the show is worth something, and that our participation is valuable, something we are extremely appreciative for.

Since then I have gone on to work extensively in voice over, theater, web, and film. Including roles in 2019’s “Between Waves”, 2018’s hit series “We’re Alive: Frontier” and “LA By Night”, Guys From Andromeda’s “SpaceVenture”, and many more.

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I also make it my business to write extensively, with experience in sketch, TV, film, and long form novelization. My expertise is in characterization and fiction storytelling, and I’m always happy to talk writing if there’s a project that needs to get done.

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